A Lonely Place To Die Review

Image for A Lonely Place To Die

Five mountaineers, including tough as nails Alison (George) and tag-along Ed (Speleers), are hiking in the Scottish Highlands when they stumble upon the body of a Serbian girl. With the murderer close by, they face a race to escape with their lives in a hostile environment.


At first this seems to fall in with a clutch of recent films about activity holidays gone horribly wrong. The spectacular Scots scenery is menacing enough to serve as an antagonist, and a stupid accident figures impressively in the opening. Then, with the discovery of a non-English-speaking little girl buried in a box with a breathing tube, it shifts genre gears and becomes a wilderness chase thriller. Writer-director Julian Gilbey puts ironwoman Melissa George and tag-along wimp Ed Speleers (remember Eragon?) consistently in peril, while Sean Harris delivers quality villainy. A good British thriller with horror elements, this has a likable 1970s vibe without being overly imitative of B pictures past.

An effective thriller that's canny enough to avoid genre cliches and boasts a gut-punch worth of edgy menace.