Living On Love Alone Review

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Arts graduate Julie (Anaïs Demoustier) is keen to start out in the job market. After a succession of meaningless jobs though, she falls in with a freewheeling actor (Pio Marmaï) who shows her a new approach to life...


Anaïs Demoustier confirms her star potential in her second film with Isabelle Czajka, but she’s powerless to prevent what starts as a brisk workplace satire from descending into melodrama. While her rebellious arts graduate is negotiating the realities of paying her dues on the bottom rung of a PR company and then a door-to-door sales outfit, this is a smart, often amusing insight into management exploitation and the younger generation’s disregard for convention. But, once she embarks upon a thrill-seeking trip to Spain with charming wastrel Pio Marmaï, the sassy authenticity of her demeaning office chores and seedy one-night stands is overtaken by incredible contrivance and cliché.

Julie's thrillseeking is occasionally contrived, but Demoustier is one to watch.