We Live In Public Review

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Josh Harris made an awful lot of money exploiting new technologies and then spent it all on ambitious conceptual film events.


Edited from over 5,000 hours of footage amassed over ten years, this is a scruffily effective study of digital pioneer Josh Harris, who emerges as a hybrid of sadist, artist and crank. Still, there’s no doubting his grasp of the fame-obsessed, gadgetphile psyche.

Having made $80 million from his Pseudo TV network, Harris lost some of it in the dotcom slump and the rest staging events like the Warholian Quiet (100 people on camera 24/7 in a neo-fascistic commune), and his collaboration with girlfriend Tanya Corrin, We Live In Public. As a portrait of a control freak, this is frantically compelling; as a snapshot of our times, it’s demoralisingly chilling.

A disturbing perspective on what the digital age has done to our individual perceptions of ourselves, but a fascinating study of a man on a mission...or two...