We Don't Live Here Anymore Review

Image for We Don't Live Here Anymore

The cracks in two seperate marriages begin to appear when an adulterous fling between Edith (Watts) and Jack (Ruffalo) begins become more serious.


If you’re looking for a film to put you off marriage, children, affairs, and indeed life itself, look no further than this melancholic ensemble piece about listless adulterous couples in small-town New England.

Based on two short stories by Andre Dubus, it shows the burgeoning fling between Edith and Jack deepening the cracks in both Edith’s marriage to self-centred writer Hank (Krause) and Jack’s to highly strung Terry (Laura Dern). The presence of such strong actors recalls far better dramas about the pressures of monogamy; most recently Closer, which offered something this could seriously use: a sense of humour.

Impressive performances render well-observed scenes of intimacy and awkwardness eminently watchable, but the doom-ridden narrative becomes increasingly tiring.