The Little Shop Of Horrors Review

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Seymour (Haze)is a florist's assistant who breeds a plant that feeds off human blood. He effectively becomes its servant and performs the ultimate sacrifice when he feeds it the dead body of the object of his affection's (Joseph) psycho dentist boyfriend (Nicholson).


Roger Corman's camp 1960 horror-comedy was filmed as a bet on a budget of $27,000 over two or three days (sources vary!), and in its own small way remains a masterpiece of invention.

Though dated, it's really stylish, and looking at this crisp new black-and-white print, it's hard to imagine many of today's directors knocking out anything even half as entertaining given $50 million and six months.

Jonathan Haze plays Seymour, a florist's assistant who breeds a hybrid plant that feeds on human blood. Dick Miller as a flower-munching sophisticate and Jack Nicholson as a masochistic dental patient make up for the film's underwhelming pay-off.

In its own small way it remains a masterpiece of invention, though it has to rely on excellent performances to make up for its under-whelming pay off.