Little Black Book Review

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Girl meets boy, girl snoops into boy's organiser to investigate his ex-girlfriends, girl uses her talk show connections to interview them.


It's the stuff of a thousand brainless rom-coms, so it's a pleasant surprise to see one with a few IQ points. Brittany Murphy plays the nosy girlfriend as cute and fluffy in the Clueless style - so cute, in fact, that it's easy to forget how despicable her character is.

The supporting cast is impressive - Kathy Bates glams up as talk show hostess Kippie Kann, and Holly Hunter plays nicely against type as Brittany's friend and confidant.

There are missteps - farting dogs aren't funny, and the wannabe whimsical voiceover lands on the wrong side of annoying - but inspired plotting and a neat final cameo make this worth a date in your filofax.

Yeah. Light and fluffy it may be, but this is undeniably entertaining stuff.