The To Do List Review

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On the verge of college and feeling pressure to lose her virginity, Brandy (Plaza) puts herself on a crash course in boys, bonking and bedroom etiquette.


The quest to dump your virginity is, cinematically, usually a male concern. But here we have Brandy (Aubrey Plaza), a straight-A student who’s made it through school without the most basic knowledge of a penis, so she decides to put herself on an intense, pre-college sexual summer school. There’s an unsure quality to Maggie Carey’s debut film. It suggests a desire to be raunchy, but the sex scenes are coy and it gets giggly over words like “lube”. It’s also not clear if Brandy’s quest is feminist empowerment or societal pressure to be promiscuous, so the end is confusing and dissatisfying. A typical first time, then.

A muddle.