Liquid Sky Review

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Aliens crash land on Earth and attach themselves to a model's (Carlisle) head, then proceed to feed on a drug which can only be created by killing their victims at the point of orgasm with their host.


A modishly self-involved cult-movie-wannabe directed by Soviet exile Tsukerman and scripted by star Carlisle. Miniature aliens latch onto New Wave model Carlisle, feeding on a heroin-like substance secreted by her sex partners as they have orgasms, snuffing out a variety of unpleasant characters.

Carlisle, who plays several characters (including a man), is an impressively blank presence, though the promising career she seemed to have in front of her in 1983 largely turned out to be playing the male transvestite in Crocodile Dundee. Spotlighting Day-glo saucer men effects, once-trendy music and fashions, kinky sex and sometimes amusing psychobabble, the most likeable character here is German monster-hunter Von Wernherr who can understand aliens but not New Yorkers.

Knowingly kitsch, Liquid Sky uses the most basic effects and featuring music and fashion that were cutting edge at the time, it now looks fashionably retro. With lots of sex and violence, it sounds a lot more promising than it is, let down by its poor acting, script and a cast we feel little sympathy for.