Lionheart Review

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A young knight sets out to join King Richards crusaders, but along the way, encounters The Black Prince who captures children and sells them as slaves to the Muslims. The Knight takes it upon himself to rescue the children and lead them to safety.


Losely based on the real life events that took place in 1212 when a French boy tried to lead a large group of children to the Holy Land, Eric Stoltz starts out as a young knight eager to join King Richard for the Crusades.

In travelling France he quickly becomes much more involved in looking after a big group of orphans. Aimable thieves Nicola Cowper and Dexter Fletcher help out and Gabriel Byrne — looking like he’s just failed an audition for Black Adder — provides the nasty opposition as a child slave trader.

Unfortunately, the characters are weak and cannot ground the story with any sense of reality. In tone, performances and cheery atmosphere, this is not too far removed from a Childrens’ Film Foundation movie.

high on heart-warming ideals, but low in every other department.