Line of Control Review

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After Pakistani forces intrude past the line of control into Indian territory, the Govrnment of India instructs the Indian army to defend it's borders.


Director J. P. Dutta (Refugee) cranks up the volume and turns in a selection of brutal and often repulsive set-pieces in a mammoth four-hour tale about the Indian army's involvement in one of their biggest conflicts in recent history: the Kargil War.

Occasionally erring towards confusion, this largely mediocre effort compromises gritty realism in favour of standard war movie cliches. On the plus side, Ajay Devgan - despite clearly operating on cruise-control - turns in an affecting performance, and the presence of Kareena Kapoor opens Dutta's work to a wider audience who may find his latest offering too violent and male-dominated.

Audiences may find Dutta's latest too violent and male-dominated.