Like Father Review

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Music teacher-cum-club singer Joe Elliott struggles to keep his family together in East Durham.


Following the 1994 horse-racing drama Eden Valley, and follow-up The Scar comes a female perspective on the mid-'80s miners' strike, in the third feature completed by Amber Collective, a community arts project founded to celebrate life in East Durham.

Based on a series of interviews and video diaries, the film explores the links between heavy industry and working-class notions of masculinity. In a region devoid of certainty since the closure of the local pit, music teacher-cum-club singer Joe Elliott (Armstrong) slaves to keep his family together.

But his association with an ambitious property developer serves only to alienate him from his pigeon-fancying father (Kelly) and his young son (Dent). Armstrong delivers an authentic sense of pride, which ensures the people matter more than the politics.

Authentic docu-drama but with a heavy tone.