Would I Lie To You? Review

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The penniless Eddie (Anconina) intervenes in a street fracas in the Paris garment district, helping out a clothier (Bohringer) who assumes he’s a fellow Jew and gives him a job. Eddie falls in with a crowd of fast Sephardic guys who have aspirations to be


A French box office hit, Would I Lie To You? has a typical rom-com/imposter plot which is resolved almost incidentally at the climax. But this charming, slightly hard-boiled picture is basically a broad, affectionate portrait of a specific segment of French society, making funny observations about Sephardic fashion choices, music preferences and high living. It becomes farcical at times, but director Thomas Gilou also works in odd moments of affecting drama and semi-gangsterish thuggery.

For all it's unevenness, this works well, managing to incorporate some vastly different parts into an enjoyable whole.