A Letter To Three Wives Review

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A letter from an anonymous homewrecker informs three women that one of their husbands is unfaithful. Each of the wives recall their failed marriage in a series of witty flashbacks.


A sophisticated comedy-soap from the very arch writer-director (with an emphasis on the former) Joseph L. Mankiewicz, who carried off Best Screenplay and Best Director Oscars for this in 1950.

A homewrecking bitch goddess (wryly voiced by Celeste Holm, but never seen) writes to Jeanne Crain, Ann Sothern and Linda Darnell, announcing that she's skipping town with one of their husbands, prompting flashbacks that expose their shaky marriages to Jeffrey Lynn, Kirk Douglas and Paul Douglas.

Played in high Hollywood style, with satiric jabs at social climbing, small-town pettiness, chain stores and mindless radio programming, this also boasts an array of fine performances, especially from the womenfolk.

High-flown Hollywood at its best.