Les Petites Vacances Review

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Retired schoolteacher and grandmother, Daniele, takes her grandchildren on a spur-of-the-moment holiday without consent from their parents and as the holiday becomes longer and longer she refuses to bring them back.


Olivier Peyon’s Debut proves an unsettling journey as troubled grandmother Danièle (Bernadette Lafont) takes her two grandchildren on an impromptu holiday without their parents’ consent.

What starts as a mischievous jaunt gradually turns more sinister as Danièle’s stubborn refusal to take the kids home becomes more frightening — even violent. We never really understand what prompts her meltdown, but this adds to the edgy atmosphere, Lafont cutting an enigmatic, puzzling figure. Peyon cleverly uses the stunning locations, all blues, greens and yellows, in sharp contrast to the tale’s darker undercurrents, creating a strange film both beautiful and melancholic.

Visually and atmospherically moving with some very decent performacnes.