Les Patterson Saves the World Review

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Sir Les Battersby (Barry Humphries), head of the Australian cheese board, tries to defend himself from an assassination attempt whilst simultaneously preventing a coup in the Middle East and a Russian super-virus from being let loose on the free world.


Barry Humphries, a man most famous for dressing up like a libidinous grandma and acting much the same puts his oily stamp on a film that is almost as far-fetched and ill-conceived as some of the character names (Mustafa Toule, Neville Thonge, Dr. Charles Herpes, to name but a few). This hour and a half of drivel sees Sir Les fart in the general direction of the UN, set fire to a powerful sheik and somehow set the world on a collision course to WWIII, despite setting out with diplomatic aims. If you like Sir Les, then you may find some dirty pleasures here, but then you'll also find pleasure in seeing dogshit on the pavement. Each to their own.

No amount of on-screen flatulence, relentless innuendos, nor the appearance of Joan Rivers as the US President, can hide the fact that this is a one-man show, and a poor one at that.