Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man Review

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Documentary surrounding a tribute concert to Leonard Cohen and some interviews with some big names about him and his music..


First up: this isn’t a rockumentary. Our bass-toned subject admits early on that he’s not one for reminiscing, either with regret or warm fuzzies. When Cohen does speak, he’s honest and intelligent, but there isn’t enough from him, either speaking or performing.

We do get a number from him at the end, played in a strange little snug-bar with U2. But the remainder is tribute concert from a host of pretty big names. Beth Orton, Antony Hegarty et al are a bit too earnest, but when Nick Cave happily grooves to the title track, or Rufus Wainwright turns Everybody Knows into a quasi-cabaret drag act, things really click. The gushing interviews inbetween are best forgotten.

Hit and miss tribute to the great melancholist.