Legal Eagles Review

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A District Attorney (Redford) is happily ascending the greasy pole of the legal profession when he tangles then teams up with defence lawyer Laura Kelly (Winger), whose client (Hannah) has more to hide than her sanity.


Robert Redford is a prosecutor who joins considerable forces with Debra Winger’s feisty defence lawyer to try and clear the name of Chelsea Deardon, a kooky performance artist not averse to stealing ‘real’ art, burning down other people’s property and, perhaps, murder. The attempt to pull off a Cary Grant style of sophisticated, madcap comedy doesn’t quite come off for Reitman, but Redford’s performance as the big hearted, closet tap-dancing DA who cuts too many corners at the behest of the ladies is yet another unexpected triumph on his c.v. Hannah, too, revels in her distinctly barmy free-role, and, if still not rattling the cage of the A-list, is a solid addition to any cast.

The likeable veneer of the film never threatens to evaporate, which is both a good and a bad thing; the comedy is plentiful but the dark laughs are never quite dark enough, given the subject matter.