Legacy Review

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A tale of a long-lasting family feud with fatal repercussions. A Sundance award winner


Following the success of 13 (Tzameti), much was expected of Georgian director Géla Babluani, and here he delivers another intriguing thriller in conjunction with his father, Témur.

Arriving in Tbilisi to inspect the castle she’s inherited, Sylvie Testud and pals Stanislas Merhar and Olga Legrand find themselves on a rickety bus, with the coffin-carrying Leo Gaparidze and grandson Giorgi Babluani as travelling companions.

In the true Hitchcockian manner, much of the pleasure lies in speculating about the purpose of this sombre couple’s mission and how it might misfire. However, the Master wouldn’t have relied so heavily on contrivance and melodrama in his finale.

A Hitchcockian atmosphere conjures up some genuine suspense but it loses points for falling into the realms of melodrama in the final moments.