Leap Year Review

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Adams will play a woman who plans to travel to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on that date, because according to the film it’s an Irish tradition (which, strictly speaking, it isn’t). Anyway, her trip is derailed by weather and she’s forced to undergo a cross-country trek, accompanied by a surly Irish innkeeper, in order to make the proposal in time.


Amy Adams can brighten up most rom-coms, but she’s got her work cut out here. She’s Anna, a career woman travelling to Ireland to propose to American boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) on February 29, according to leap year tradition.

Grounded flights force her to hire grumpy Declan (Matthew Goode) to drive her to Dublin. En route, an attraction forms. Two scenes contain sexual tension; the rest is bad bluescreen work, dodgy Oirish accents and jokes as lame as Adams falling over in her heels.

It’s hard to believe this comes from Anand Tucker, director of Hilary And Jackie. Even die-hard rom-com fans will feel as if they’ve travelled back in time to one of 1980’s more clichéd offerings.

Rubbish. Irish eyes will be hard pressed to grimace, let alone smile.