Leap Year Review

Image for Leap Year

Laura Lopez (del Carmen), struggling to escape the heartache of her past, enlists the help of the sadistic Arturo (Sanchez Parra) to help her end it all.


Michael Rowe’s directorial debut will no doubt stir the moral guardians at the Daily Mail, already labelled ‘shocking’ mainly by those who’ve never experienced the internet. Leap Year charts 29 days in the life of journalist Laura Lopez (Monica del Carmen), a solitary existence interspersed with a series of harrowing and hollow one-night stands to offset her loneliness. The spell is finally broken when she meets the sexually sadistic Arturo (Gustavo Sanchez Parra), who leads her — willingly — into ever murkier, experimental and more violent waters. Both leads are thrilling, but the monotony and sluggish pace — especially in the first third — and the cloying, near-claustrophobic sadness make for a tough and occasionally unwatchable experience.

Aussie migrant Rowe has an acute eye for the emotional badlands travelled by Lopez's struggling journo. A tough but humane and affecting watch.