Le Roi Danse Review

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In the court of King Louis XIV, music and dance is of prime importance and Lully (composer) and Moliere (playwright) are key figures.


Making a fascinating aesthetic and intellectual contrast with Eric Rohmer's The Lady And The Duke, this lavish production takes the period melodrama to the verge of soap opera, while retaining its rarified refinement.

Gerard Corbiau makes atmospheric use of real locations, authentic costumes and a glorious score, and the masques devised by Lully (Terral) and Moliere (Karyo) are slyly staged with a panache that not only evokes their original majesty, but also their purpose - to disguise deficiency in substance with lashings of style.

So, while due attention is paid to a discussion of the nature of power and the exploitation of art as a means of political control, emphasis is placed on the sexual tension between the young Louis XIV (Magimel) and his rebellious composer.

Beautiful production values that will be appreciated by fans of period melodrama.