Le Frisson de Vampires Review

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A rather prudish pair of newly weds stay in a mansion that unknown to them is the home of a group of highly sexed vampires, particularly the queen who lives in the grandfather clock and appears at the stroke of midnight to wreak havoc.


Previously released in Britain under the blunt but undeniably apt title Sex And The Vampire, this is a typical project from one-track auteur Jean Roilin. A pair of innocent Honeymooners wander into an atmospheric castle inhabited by hippies in the thrall of a vampire queen (Dominique) who lives in a grandfather clock and emerges naked on the stroke of midnight to corrupt everyone.

It combines the triteness of a typical Hammer plot with stretches of decidedly unerotic skinflick writhing, but is redeemed by Rollins' quirky descents into surrealist imagery. It has unforgettable scenes like the vampire reduced to bleeding her own wrists for sustenance, but it is also graced by a fine sense of strange decor and general weirdness.

This sex horror is successful when it doesn’t try to be something it's not. When proving itself a farcical unerotic gory movie, it does the job but as soon as it tries to reveal its hidden depths, you wish it hadn't. This wanna-be erotic horror should st