Le Beau Mariage Review

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An ambitious woman is hell bent on finding the perfect husband.


The second of Eric Rohmer's Comedies And Proverbs series reunites him with the teenage star of his fifth Moral Tale, Claire's Knee.

Although playing a different character, Beatrice Romand proves every bit as manipulative as she makes a snap decision to find a husband and launches a determined campaign to snare ambitious lawyer Andre Dussollier.

Only Rohmer could handle such single-minded self-deception and the ultimate realisation of humiliation with such witty tact. But this is not one of his most natural studies of confused young womanhood, despite the perfectly pitched performances and the sublime Le Mans scenery.

The central themes of self-deception and humiliation in the games people play are handled with wit and guile but this is not Rohmer's best work.