Laura Review

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When Detective Mark McPherson (Andrews) takes on the case of unmasking the killer of a beautiful woman, his first problem is motive - everyone who knew her fell in love with her. His second is that he may be doing the same. The third is a surprise for all involved...


Otto Preminger’s superb and potent romantic thriller is a classic mystery in which ravishing Gene Tierney is the object of murder.

Perennially underrated Dana Andrews is the ’tec falling in love with her as he puzzles over the killer, Vincent Price the suave prime suspect and Clifton Webb the acerbic columnist Waldo Lydecker, whose marvellous opening line is, “I shall never forget the weekend Laura died.” Adding to its lustre: Oscar-winning black-and-white cinematography, famous twists and the haunting David Raksin score.

A classic noir romance where all of the cinematic elements fit together perfectly.