Laura's Star Review

Image for Laura's Star

Seven yr old Laura needs a friend when she moves house and is provided with a star falling from the sky to keep her company and enchant her with it’s magic.


Laura is seven, moving into a new home and in desperate need of a magical new friend to ease her passage into unfamiliar territory.

Lo and behold, one falls from the sky — but it’s not an alien; it’s, um, a star. About the size of Laura’s head. Without a face or a voice, just the ability to bring toys to life (but not open windows, oddly).

While the books on which this German animation is based have inspired and entertained many children, the anthropomorphisation of the star proves limited precisely because it leaves nothing to the imagination. There’s charm in the simple story and the sentimentality is thankfully relatively restrained sentiment, but this dubbed version suffers from translation problems — not only from German to English, but also from page to screen.