The Last Song Review

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Headstrong teenager Ronnie (Cyrus) and her young brother are left to spend the summer at their father's (Kinnear) beach house. But recriminations and anger from the past threatens the peace of their seaside idyll, until charming hunk Will (Hemsworth) appears on the scene.


The combination of Nicholas Sparks’ ‘misery-lit lite’ and teenage singer didn’t work too well in A Walk To Remember with Mandy Moore, but he fares better adapting his own novel about a rebellious teenager (Miley Cyrus, in a non-singing role) who spends a few months with her estranged father (Greg Kinnear), has a chaste romance with a handsome (and usually shirtless) rich kid (ex-Neighbour Hemsworth) and — guess what? — “was never the same again after that summer”.

Teen girls raised on Hannah Montana and Twilight may be blindsided by the film’s sheer ordinariness, not to mention its third-act emotional downturn, but the film is engaging and honest, and its target market will find Cyrus’ inchoate rebelliousness relatable.

Honest and disarming, although with the obligatory Sparks pathos.