The Last Seven Review

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Seven strangers wake up on the deserted streets of London with no knowledge of how they got there. Before long someone -or something - is picking them off, one by one...


Seven Londoners wake up, memories wiped and streets deserted. Where are they? Who are they? And, as a malevolent force starts picking them off one by one, how long can they survive? Styled like a Guy Ritchie mystery (with geezer casting to match), Imran Naqvi’s debut thriller starts out gripping and ends as a modest Twilight Zone episode. Naqvi was a Steadicam operator, so doomy visuals and screeching flashbacks are precision-made. But a movie like this is all about the last reel pay-off and, while it doesn’t quite have empty pockets, the revelation doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Variable performances swing between the solid (Sebastian Street) and the incredibly soggy (Simon Phillips).

Despite some effective horror beats, the payoff doesn't live up to the highly promising premise.