About Last Night Review

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Meeting in a bar, Debbie (Bryant) and Danny (Ealy) hook up and eventually move in together. For Bernie (Hart) and Joan (Hall), though, the fireworks are even more explosive.


A smart and savvy rom-com, this new adaptation of David Mamet’s play Sexual Perversity In Chicago borrows from both the source and the 1986 film but sensibly becomes its own thing. Two couples face different relationship issues across a year, albeit with some very predictable steps. But there’s enough brio in Leslye Headland’s script to offset the well-trodden romantic path played out by Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant, thanks to rising star Kevin Hart and his chemistry with Regina Hall. It doesn’t all land, but their interactions inject real comic energy, and will ensure you never view chickens the same way again.

Crude, rude and often witty and well-observed, this is a Mamet adaptation with its heart on its sleeve.