About Last Night Review

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What happens when a one night stand becomes a full blown relationship? Danny meets Debbie in a bar and that's just what happens, and their singleton pals aren't best pleased.


Rob Lowe discovers love, sex and relationships with Demi Moore in this funny and poignant look at commitment, men, women, and what happens when a couple with little more than sex in common decide to live together.

Engaging performances from the two leads are complemented by a witty script with some great one-liners, and five-star support from James Belushi as Lowe's oafish best friend and Elizabeth Perkins as Demi Moore's sour pal. With both stars enjoying a high spot in their careers (Lowe's Bad Influence and Moore's Ghost) and director Zwick having moved on to Thirtysomething and Glory, well worth a look if only to see how they all first made their names.

Sex and swearing from David Mamet: the family guy. Fun for grown-ups only.