Last Knights Review

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In an imaginary past, Raiden (Clive Owen) leads an elite troop of knights, utterly devoted to their honourable patriarch Bartok (Morgan Freeman). But Bartok becomes embroiled in a dispute with a greedy overlord, starting a cycle of tragedy and vengeance...


Clive Owen and (for a while) Morgan Freeman figure in this knights-and-honour pudding, which is surprisingly watchable rubbish. The atrocious script has much to jeer, the action’s so-so, and the multinational cast brings back memories of Sean Connery’s Scot Spaniard in Highlander. (An ‘Emperor’ is played by Iranian actor-director Peyman Moaadi from A Separation.) Yet Last Knights has mild interest if you dodge the spoiler-heavy trailer, especially in the drama’s focus on the paranoid fears of the villain (played by Norway’s Askel Hennie). Directed by Japan’s Kazuaki Kiriya, don’t expect the bright sumptuousness of his Casshern or Goemon, but the pale, papery look works quite well.

This B-movie is bad in many ways, though it doesn'’t disgrace its incongruously high-wattage stars.