Last Hurrah For Chivalry Review

Image for Last Hurrah For Chivalry

An avenging son, sworn to bring honour to his father enlists the help of other skilled men of violence.


Released seven years before his career-making A Better Tomorrow, Last Hurrah is a solid example of John Woo’s emerging style ’n’ theme one-two combo. This period revenge tale demonstrates his preoccupation with honour amongst men of violence; though this is somewhat diluted by stock fu-action stereotypes.

Clichés aside, the film delivers almost non-stop action; often, as in the memorable ’sleeping Buddha’ sequence, brilliantly choreographed. An unusual melancholic air and the occasional slow-mo flourish clearly marks this out as Woo, though not quite at his brooding, bruising best.

A solid John Woo fu-action hero actioner from the 70s with a glimpse of his later promise.