The Last Days On Mars Review

Image for The Last Days On Mars

Stir crazy at their Martian base, astronauts Vincent (Schreiber), Rebecca (Garai), captain Charles (Koteas) and a clutch of others head off into the planet's hinterland to search for life. They find it.


The zombie genre is such a flexible one, and can be crossbred with so many others to create something new. Whether that is also satisfying is another matter, and sadly, Ruairi Robinson’s attempt here fails at that key second criterion. It has a potentially fun concept lurking within — a group of astronauts wrapping up their scientific tour of duty on the Red Planet discover microscopic signs of life that lead to chaos — yet despite also boasting a proven cast of actors including Liev Schreiber, Olivia Williams and Romola Garai, this is a bland, lazy thriller that has almost nothing new to say about sci-fi or horror.

A sci-fi horror dimmer than the dark side of the moon.