Last Call Review

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Twenty-two years after witnessing the brutal murder of her mother Cindy decides to exact revenge on the killer, shady estate agent Willam Katt. She gets a job as secretary to his most important business partner and soon worms her way into a steamy affair. When his business suddenly gets into problems, his partners drop out and his reputation goes ill, he has no idea why...


The sub-genre known as "Erotic Thriller" rarely accomplishes either. Usually they're only erotic to 15-year-old boys up way past their bedtime, and thrilling for a few seconds before the lights go out.

As is the case here, as ex-Playboy model Shannon Tweed makes one of her countless appearances as a femme fatale sans clothes and inhibitions to get revenge for the brutal murder of her mother two decades ago.

Real estate businessman William Katt (Avery) is her lucky victim as she uses her job as a secretary (coincidently she's an erotic dancer by night) to woo him into a steamy affair, filled to the brim with soft-core boob-filled similated sex, and starts to plot his ultimate demise, personally and professionally.

The sleeve says Last Call is “steamier than Wild Orchid and more revealing than Two Moon Junction”. Unfortunately, with what passes as humping completely incidental to the plot, all it does is make both of those turkeys look almost interesting.

Even the sleaze is unsatifying.