Lassie Review

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Lassie, with the help of a small boy, save the day. Yay!


A family relocates to the country and picks up a stray dog on the way — yes, it’s Lassie, the best-looking stray in the history of canine activity, who immediately takes a shine to the young, rebellious, mum-less teenage lad. He’s less than chuffed, of course, until Lassie proves her mettle against the nasty neighbours who want to nick the family’s flock of sheep, and the two simultaneously get one over on the baddies and save a couple of lives. Standard kiddie fare, engaging enough, but with a paper-thin plot and not enough canine high-jinks — or tear-jerking moments — for Lassie-lovers of old.

It's Lassie, innit? Gold.