Las Acacias Review

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Lonely truck driver Ruben (De Silva) has worked the freeway from Paraguay to Buenos Aires for many years, clocking up thousands of lonely miles along the way. One morning, though, he hesitantly agrees to take young mother Jacinta (Duarte) and her five-month-old baby along for the ride. As a tender bond develops between them, the taciturn trucker slowly emerges from his shell.


A truck driver gives a lift to a young mother in this Spanish-language drama that begins in Paraguay. Driving to Buenos Aries with a truckload of lumber, Ruben (Germán De Silva) stops to pick up Jacinta (Hebe Duarte). His boss has asked him to give her a lift as a favour, but Ruben didn’t expect her baby girl to be in tow. Reluctantly sharing the journey with mother and infant, he gradually lets his guard down and a hesitant bond develops. It couldn’t be more subtle and slow-moving if it tried, but the nuanced performances and sidelong glances reveal plenty for patient types into character-driven dramas. A promising debut from writer-director Pablo Giorgelli with a super-cute kid to boot: try not smiling when this baby gurgles.

A moving drama set against beautiful Latin American backdrops - just don't expect fireworks.