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A young man's mates and step-mother try and get in his way as he tries to meet the difficult condition's of his '70's pop-star-father's will.


The majority of you can breathe a huge sigh of relief, because this zany (read 'incoherent'), gross-out (read 'offensively puerile') comedy (read 'notÆ') won't be getting a theatrical release anywhere near you. Anyone, however, reading this in Birmingham - the city in which it is loosely set and thus the only one to be subjected to its non-existent pleasures - be afraid.

An utterly inept attempt to put a British spin on the last few years returns to toilet humour, Edgar's feature debut is an unmitigated disaster. It's also a terrible waste of de Woolfson, here bungling his way through a sea of dildos, stained pants and dire Les Dennis cameos in the pursuit of his dream girl (Gutteridge). Think Ken Loach meets the Farrelly brothers. Actually, no, best not.

Justin Edgar's feature debut is an unmitigated disaster.