La Vampire Nue Review

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Having actually managed to kidnap a vampire, an inquisitive scientist, desperate for the knowledge of eternal life, begins to experiment on his captive. Unfortunately for him, the vampires relatives come looking for her and seeking revenge on her kidnapper.


One of Rollin's early, cruder efforts, this weird and sometimes wonderful film mixes bizarre fashions, clumsy action, beautiful locations, dream images, casual eroticism and, unusually, a strangely humane finale.

An obsessed industrialist tries to discover the secret of immortality by kidnapping and experimenting on a vampire girl, while her kind consequently stage a rescue which inverts the usual horror film finish as staid, torch-bearing vampire mutants quietly storm the humans' castle. Absurdly plotted, this is still somehow rather impressive, with a novel premise and leaving you somehow rooting for the vampires, no mean feat.

Carried out with suitable aplomb, this horror tale is unapologetically gory while skipping on an effects budget. The director focuses on keeping your attention visually but this by no means a bad thing, for what it lacks in narrative is made up for in the action sequences.