LA Takedown Review

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A cop on the edge dedicates his life to capturing a thief whom he comes to realise has more in common with him than his colleagues.


Notable only for being the progenitor of Heat, this is Michael Mann’s least accomplished movie to date. Take Heat, its basic scenario — cop (Scott Plank) doggedly hunts criminal (Alex McArthur), against the backdrop of Downtown LA’s steel colossi — is identical (as revealed in Empire issue 81), then
remove the fabulous acting, the philosophical depth, the beautiful camerawork and stinging action. LA Takedown (the film formerly known as LA Crimewave) has the kernel of a great idea (point proven by Mr. Mann) but is in itself just a curiosity — why was it never mentioned during the hype and hoopla of its big brother? — embarrassingly bereft of Mann’s typical class and style. Thankfully, he did go on to make Heat.

A bit of a dud, but a noble effort.