La Séparation Review

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One night at the cinema, Pierre reaches for out to take Anne's hand. She is annoyed and rebuffs him. He feels rejected. This moment begins the story of the disintegration of a couple..


Made as a thespian showcase for Gallic heavyweights Daniel Autiel and Isabelle Huppert, this drawn-out two-hander examining a disintegrating relationship, pins everything on its stars impeccable acting credentials without giving them much of a script to work with. The relentless break up of a Parisian yuppie couples’ seemingly perfect partnership through the stages of boredom, disenchantment, infidelity and finally jealousy and violence is a lame affair, is strangely unaffecting. Even with Auteil and Huppert playing up extravagantly for the cameras, there’s little either can do to save such unremittingly downbeat material played out at snail’s pace between two unsympathetic characters.

Well made, but way too depressing.