Koi Mere Dil See Poochhe Review

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Aman (Shivdasani) has vowed not to get married until he meets the girl of his dreams. Finding that to be Esha (Deol), but he has to be very persistent, even calling in his family to convice Esha's mother to convince her that it's for the best. She agrees, but with wedding just days away, and man named Dushant (Kapoor) arrives, claiming that Esha is already married to him.


This simple tale, about the members of a dysfunctional family rallying together, is yet another occasion where producer Boney Kapoor uses the intricate qualities of a traditional Bollywood romance - flowers, foreign locales, fabulous costumes, emotionally-driven dialogue - to near devastating effect. Even by the standards of Indian cinema, it's soapy, but it's none-the-less entertaining for that.

At times, it comes close to a lightweight candy-floss, but soon manoeuvres its way to bolder, unsettling sequences. Its eventual success is largely due to cast performances, particularly Jaya Bachchan, who lends credibility to a stereotyped mother's role, and Sanjay Kapoor, who infuses his performance with subtlety and fear.

An absorbing romantic drama with a particularly strong performance from Sanjay Kapoor.