I Know You Know Review

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Set in Wales, this semi-autobiographical tale sets father and son at loggerheads when doting dad Charlie (Carlyle) starts behaving strangely.


Back in 1999, director Justin Kerrigan gave the rave generation their movie in the form of Human Traffic — an inner-city paean to the loved-up clubbers of ’90s dance culture. Ten years on and he's returned to his Welsh homeland for another trip down memory lane. Based on his own relationship with his father, I Know You Know maps the tussle between 11 year-old Jamie (Arron Fuller) and his doting dad Charlie (Robert Carlyle), whose secret world of paranoia threatens to shatter the pair’s future plans.

Played out against a dank suburban sprawl, Kerrigan’s film is both mystery thriller and coming-of-age drama. It’s a deeply personal tale defined by a sturdy turn from newcomer Fuller and Carlyle’s compellingly unpredictable performance.

A personal and compelling follow up to Human Traffic.