Knock Knock Review

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With his wife and child away for the weekend, Evan (Reeves) has the house to himself. Until, that is, two fraught visitors appear on his doorstep...


If 50 Shades Of Grey opened the door to the return of the sexploitation movie, Eli Roth’s latest thriller is more Fatal Attraction than E. L. James’ 9 1/2 Weeks-style take. Cast perfectly against type, Keanu Reeves stars as Evan, a likable suburban dad whose work commitments prevent him joining his wife and kids on a weekend away. Late at night, two beautiful femmes fatales — Bel (Ana de Armas) and Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) — ring the doorbell, claiming to be lost. Following some initial flirting from the women (bending over provocatively, waxing lyrical about Evan’s vinyl collection) the scene is set for a raunchy game of cat and mouse, with Keeves as the adorably incredulous prey and Roth trading gore for suspense as playful seduction leads to armageddon.

Roth and Reeves locks us in for an increasingly terrifying thrillride.