Knightrider 2000 Review

Image for Knightrider 2000

Based on the popular 80's TV programme, Knightrider reunites us with cop David Hasselhoff and his trusty steed, K.I.T.T., a car that is full of amazing functions as well as the ability to speak. In this supposedly futuristic version Hasselhoff and his car are given a female partner and promptly set about bring in the crims.


A slick, passably enjoyable sequel to the hero-and-his-talking-car TV series, heavily influenced by RoboCop in its plot and incidentals. It’s the future and, horror of horrors, American cops have been told not to carry guns, while long-term prisoners serve their sentences out in cryogenic capsules, smoking in public is illegal and President Quayle has just declared war on Great Britain.

David Hasselhoff, still looking like a bewildered clod, is called out of retirement and reunited with his smarty-pants computer, who is currently stuck in the body of his classic 1957 car but has a superstreamlined replacement in development. Partnered by a lady cop with a microchip in her brain and determined to stop the rot that has junked America’s frontier values, Hasselhoff takes to the streets, and the bad guys start flying. With a few plot twists you might not expect and some neat effects wrinkles, this isn’t quite the dross the concept promises

The Knightrider series was good family fun for a Saturday night and this stays pretty much on target with cheap effects that have dated but an engaging story that is amusing and good laughs from the car while the 'Hoff looks his usual cool self in leather.