Kissed Review

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Sandra from an early age is fascinated by dead creatures, as she gets older so her fascination becomes sexual arousal, and her boyfriend Matt just can't satisfy her.


Hereinafter known as "the necrophilia film" or "ban this sick filth" (Daily Mail), Canadian director Lynne Stopkewich tells a dark tale of apprentice embalmer Sandra Larson (Molly Parker) who gets her kicks by "making love" to corpses that is anything but exploitative of its subject matter. As eerie and unsettling as something by David Lynch (with rumbling soundtrack to boot), it traces Sandra's obsession back to her childhood (much fondling of dead chipmunks while walking around in her underwear) and examines a doomed real romance with sympathetic stud Matt (Peter Outerbridge). Unaroused by live flesh, Sandra becomes a tragic heroine

Compelling and unaccountably erotic, Kissed's only fault is its length (75 minutes) — swiz!