Some Kind of Wonderful Review

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A carefree tomboy, Watt's world crumbles when her best friend Keith gets a date with Miss Popular just as her own feelings start to run deeper. When Keith's date's ex gets in a jealous strop, Watts has to hold the fort.


In where else but the have and have-not Illinois suburbs could we have actors well into their 20s playing high school kids. Written and produced by Hughes and again directed by sidekick Deutch, tomboy Watts lurves Poor Keith who has no car but has the hots for Amanda who's going steady with the Wild Party-throwing Rich Kid with a wonderful (but black) car.

Masterson experiences little anxiety as 99 minutes elapse before Keith resolves his conflicts and recognises the worth of Miss Right to below-par numbers from The March Violets, Furniture,Billy Idol and the Furs.

Standard Hughes fare.