Killers Review

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Play-it-safe Jen (Heigl) is on holiday with her parents when she meets assassin Spencer (Kutcher). All unaware of his profession, she falls in love and they get married – but three years later, he receives a message from his old boss, people start trying


Some weird fluxes in tone handicap this action-rom-com, starring current box-office belle Katherine Heigl and Twitter colossus Ashton Kutcher. It starts as a straightforward comedy of embarrassment, Heigl making an ass of herself when she meets the laughably handsome Kutcher. She’s a risk-averse “normal” girl; he’s an assassin – naturally, love blooms. Set three years later, the middle-section then becomes a Mr and Mrs Smith-style suburban chase, as three years later neighbours and co-workers are suddenly revealed as bloodthirsty killers. And the ending, well, that takes a turn for the bizarre and badly explained.

Heigl and Kutcher do their best to hold it together, but with a script that requires her to go from borderline basketcase to responsible citizen and back again, and which can’t decide if he’s a tragic hero, a sarky comedian or simple eyecandy, they can’t quite make it work.

Heigl and Kutcher make a cute enough couple, but a cringeworthy opening and ludicrous (even by the standards of the genre) ending mean that this is one to watch only when your brain is switched to the “off” position.