Kidnapping Freddy Heineken Review

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Dutch beer-maker Heineken’s 1983 man-jacking resulting in the biggest ransom ever demanded.


While Daniel Alfredson’s tale of the eponymous Dutch beer-maker’s 1983 man-jacking is restricted by the parameters of real-life events, it should still build more tension. The gang of hoods, led by Jim Sturgess and Sam Worthington, are a thinly written bunch, while Alfredson’s central theme — that we cannot have material wealth and good friends — is both erroneous and clumsily presented.

Anthony Hopkins provides some fizz as the imprisoned Heineken (revelling once again in spooking those who enclose him in a confined space), but his limited screen time ensures that this remains a thriller that’s desperately short on thrills.

A beer-fuelled thriller that’s desperately short on thrills.