The Kid Stays In The Picture Review

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The rise, dramatic fall and rise again of legendary actor-turned-Hollywood producer, Robert Evans, is told in a documentary based on Evans’ autobiography, and is narrated by the man himself.


Producer Robert Evans’ life story is so extraordinary that even a Hollywood scriptwriter couldn’t make it up. Spotted swimming in the Beverly Hills Hotel pool in 1956, he was, with no previous acting experience, signed up as a movie star.

Then he tried his hand at producing, making such classics as The Godfather, Rosemary’s Baby, Love Story and Chinatown.

Friend to Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, and lover to Ava Gardner, Ali McGraw, Grace Kelly and many others, Evans is one of Hollywood’s true characters whose story works so well because it has the fall (McGraw left him for Steve McQueen, and he was busted for cocaine use), as well as the rise.

To illustrate such a tale, the directors use a collage of clips, headlines and animated photos so that even still pictures seem like moving ones. Meanwhile Evans’ distinctive voice punctuates each image with the occasionally fanciful but always riveting tale of his life.

Because it condenses a lifetime into just 93 minutes, many anecdotes are never told. Fascinating stuff, but definitely a movie that leaves you wanting more.