The Keys Review

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Life gets complicated for two brothers when they try to protect their father.


Two maladjusted college-aged brothers are sent to live with the father they haven’t heard from in years — cue plethora of dysfunctional family scenes — in the Florida Keys, hence the imaginative title.

With faces stuck in permanent scowl, the bitter siblings get sucked into dad’s battles with a nasty Hispanic drug lord-cum-property developer coveting his picturesque island.

Very little happens to begin with and the plot twists that follow make you wish they hadn't bothered. The shot's of the Florida Keys do little o improve this thrown together made for TV movie. And if this was meant to be a springboad for the two male leads then they should've chosen their roles better.

A misguided attempt at merging Miami Vice with family drama that falls flat on its torpid, listless face.