Kajaki. The True Story Review

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A group of British soldiers on deployment in Afghanistan end up trapped in a dried-out riverbed full of anti-personnel mines.


Cumbersomely named but expertly made, Kajaki. The True Story is a blistering war pic, though not about fighting to win as much as fighting to survive. Trapped in a minefield near the titular dam, a group of British soldiers seek escape knowing every step could be their last. Stripped down and simple – no score, no whiz-bang photography – this feels like a throwback to matinee classics like Ice Cold In Alex or The Lost Patrol, but the intensity and fear of the – true – situation is something else. David Elliot stands out in a very human ensemble. Will make you flinch. Could make you cry.

Tense, blackly comic and troubling because it’s so recent and so real.